Wednesday, June 14, 2006

tuesday and wednesday all rolled into one..

Yesterday's post was a rush job - a desperate attempt to post something, I couldn't not post something it was only my second day and what a bad precedent that would have set.

Tuesday was in fact a very satisfying and productive day. Before 10am I had made the beds, given the house a quick clean round and made this...

My son needed a bag that was easily identifiable as his and small enough not to be dragged on the floor but big enough to hold his stuff. It is a very simple bag of heavy unbleached calico and the initial was applied using the freezer paper method which I read about here. I really like this bag's simplicity and how quick it was to rustle up.

Then I headed off to my etching class at Putney Art School. This is my usual haunt of a Tuesday morning. Our usual tutor was off so her stand-in had us messing about with acetate. Which provided much more immediate prints (and cheaper) than using zinc plate.

Today on the other hand is taken up with sorting this mess out...

My husband is going freelance again which means he will be working from home so the space I have luxuriated in has now got to be shared.


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