Tuesday, June 20, 2006

a lemon of a day

Yesterday was not the greatest of days - grey weather, upset tummy and my son at home on an inset day, though to be fair he was on great form - just I wasn't.

I was determined today should be a bit more satisfying. So after my class, I got on the computer and checked out what was happening in blogland, ordered some new 'dollie daydream' name tags. Then I bit the bullet and joined the dark side .... yes, I finally registered with eBay. The only thing that had kept me in check and saved me from spending untold amounts of money on stuff was the fact that I hadn't ever bothered to fill in all the details. But that all changed and today I purchased my first Japanese craft book - a quilting one.

I have been reading about Japanese craft books for a while and have been keen to get one of my own. Craftlog has lots of info on these books and her site provides a real feast for the eyes. When my book arrives I will have joined the club - I can't wait.

Then I just had to make some chocolate chip cookies - they are an Ina Garten recipe and are simply scrumptious.

Anyway, I am off the go and eat some of those cookies (yes I did say some - one is never enough) .....


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