Thursday, June 22, 2006

catch-up time ...

Yesterday I went to the my knitting group (using 'my' sounds very proprietorial when I have only been a few times) our meeting place is Stash Yarns which can prove fatal for my bank balance. Too many lovely yarns - it is just like a candy shop albeit an adult candy shop.

I took the opportunity to knit a blue square for Knit a River. I had a ball of Rowan Kidsilk in a pale grey-ish blue hanging around with nothing useful to do so it became a 15cm x 15cm moss-stitched square. Now hopefully it will contribute to something useful.

In the evening I went to hear Julie Myerson read from her new book "The Story of You" and answer questions. Sadly, there weren't a lot of people there but Julie did give some interesting insights into her writing processes and ideas. She is a writer I admire although I would never say I enjoy her books. Their subject matter, tone and presence can make them quite uncomfortable and upsetting to read but I appreciate the journeys they take me on and the way they make me think and reflect on things.

On a lighter note my Japanese craft book arrived this morning - I love it. It is one that I have seen a lot on other blogs - "Machine Made Patchworks" - but I know it will provide me with so much inspiration. I am now trawling 'the Bay' to see which will be my next purchase - I knew registering would prove dangerous!

I love this picture from the book - it sums everything up - quiltin' and knittin'

Today at 4.15pm I logged onto weewonderfuls shop and was lucky enough to purchase a copy of her book

I couldn't take a picture of the cookies I made the other day because the light got too bad, however I took some first thing next day. So for your delectation here they are - suffice to say there are merely crumbs left. That Ina certainly knows how to make delicious cookies.


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