Wednesday, June 28, 2006

look what arrived in the post this morning ....

I think I will make a little kitty, um, no I think it will be the bear, oh, um, no it will have to be the bunny. Oh heck can't choose so all three it will have to be.

Now the fun of selecting the fabric ..... and what colour eyes? and what little trimmings? Oh what a world of possibilities.

It was knitting group this morning so I resurrected the Rowan 'Florence' I am trying to knit. I am not a great knitter and I have run out of enthusiasm for this project - ribbing is so mind-numbing. Unfortunately, I am not someone who can knit with out giving it my utmost attention so watching a film or the TV whilst knitting isn't really an option.

I am feeing slightly overawed by all the things I want to do - I end up forgetting an idea I have had or a project I want to try out. I really must, must, must create my crafty to do list. On a positive note though I have been quite pro-active and set about archiving my photos which involved removing a lot of photos from my computer (1458 to be exact) and putting them onto CDs. Now I feel very virtuous and it makes my computer feel a lot happier too.


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