Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm tired ...

I didn't honestly think I would get a chance to blog today. I have been up to my neck in boxes - this morning it was a trip to the storage unit to deposit said boxes.

Then this afternoon was clearing through the stuff in our under eaves storage. Which was a treasure trove of finds. I found the part-made messenger bag that I was making for my husband. I think I started it 3-4 years ago! So now I have found it there are no excuses.

I also found several pieces of Cath Kidston oil cloth that I completely forgot I had. Found an un-opened bag of batting (queen-size) that, again, I had forgotten I had. Various assortments of fabrics and yarn also came up to face the cold light of day. The yarn for my Jolly Red tapestry kit also turned up - so I can now finish that too.

But there is still have a long way to go before the day is over... I have to try and pull together a web-site idea for a meeting on Monday - I need to do it now otherwise it will be like all my homework ever was - a last minute scramble. The windows also need washing but it is far to late to start that sort of malarky now - it is this sunny weather that is the problem it shows up all the dirt.

But as I look behind me I can see my husband's work space and it is looking so much better than it did this morning and the hard work feels so very worth it - and the bonus was I got to find some things I had forgotten were even lost.

Oh my god...he has just come home with another 3 boxes, an A3 printer, guillotine (for paper not heads) and other odds and sods - here we go again.


Blogger Poshyarns said...

That work space looks great, so tidy, I plan to show it to my husband as an example.

I am so envious of the oil cloths, they are gorgeous, I am on the look out for something pretty to save my kitchen table, it is being systematically destroyed by small children. I go fabric shopping tomorrow and now I know I'm lusting for polkadots.

June 29, 2006 10:11 pm  
Blogger Ali said...

Wow - will hubby's desk area stay that tidy? I'm so envious - our office, though theroretically organized, is a tip.

Look forward to seeing you make something with the oilcloth. I've got to get it together to buy some for an outside tablecloth. There's something icky about the kids eating off a surface that birds have pooed on. Yuk.

June 30, 2006 7:01 am  

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