Friday, March 30, 2007

grey skies ...

misty mizzle, drizzley rain and a coldness that gets right into your bones means only one thing, stay indoors and keep warm. It is the perfect opportunity/excuse to just sit on the sofa and flick through some recent book purchases.

Firstly, I am completely smitten with this colouring book.I love the style of the drawings and the colours used. Not one to let the boy actually use so I got him a copy of oodles of doodles. Which is keeping him entertained because sometimes it's nice to have your imagination directed.

The other book I am sitting down and enjoying is the Lotta Jansdotter book.

I thought it sounded like my sort of book but when I read about it on disdressed I knew it was a must have. Well it arrived today and it is full of inspiration and a new take on some projects that have seen in other sewing books and some totally new projects. Liesl really does cover everything I thought about the book so I would point you in the direction of her incisive review.

Other than that I haven't done much else - no sewing, no knitting, no crochet. But I have been enjoying some thinking space and the chance to make my own doodles. So I have a few new project ideas that I hope to work on this weekend.


Anonymous Mirre said...

That Simple Sewing book looks wonderful! It's my birthday soon, so knows?!

March 30, 2007 10:14 pm  
Blogger Angel Jem said...

Why did you have to send me to look at the book? Don't you know I'm on an economy drive? Why must life be so.... material? (yes, I did all that complaining just to get the pun in!)
Cool recommendation; two new websites on my sidebar & another 10 minutes from my day! Have a good weekend!

March 31, 2007 11:04 am  

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