Friday, June 30, 2006

guess what I'm making ...

for my WIP Friday I would like to present....

I decided to start with the bunny from weewonderfuls' booklet - I know the fabric I am going to use (grey flannel head, arms, legs and old cotton PJ fabric for the body) but I'm still in a quandary about the button eyes - black, blue or brown. It is fascinating looking at the Flickr group to see what everyone else is upto and to glean some inspiration.

Other than that today has been gloriously sunny and hot - so I decided to clean the windows and boy did I regret that. The good news is that the weather, at least in this neck of the woods, is to continue being great.

Thank you for the lovely comments regarding my husband's work space. Of course the purpose of the photo was so I could remember the halcyon day(s)* of it looking neat and tidy. I do not believe it will remain like this for long and in my heart I hope it gets messy soon because at least that means my husband has work and is working. It is a double edged sword work=mess (good), no work=tidy (bad).

*delete as appropriate


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