Thursday, August 03, 2006

birthdays, books and blythe ...

Yay for birthdays - it was my son's 7th birthday today (where does the time go?) so we all went for lunch at Yo Sushi and then next door to the cinema to see "Cars" - which we really enjoyed. Then home for birthday cake (shop bought).

Noodles and Doodles bookswap kicked off today - so I think I have decided which book I intend to send but until the package is in the post it could always change. I seem to be very indecisive at the moment - decisions are a real problem.

As if to prove that my brain is clearly in another place at the moment I have this strong urge to acquire a Blythe doll.

There is just something about her face - oh wow and her eyes that change colour and the fact that I can dress her up in fashions I create for her. Maybe I am just in need of a surrogate girl child or maybe I just need a good night's sleep.


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