Wednesday, August 02, 2006

books, films, knitting ...

So today was filled with books ... I went to my reading group this morning where we tore strips off the new Joanne Harris book "Gentlemen and Players" - just not our cup of tea I guess. Next month's book is "In Cold Blood" by Truman Capote.

My son is also cracking on a pace with the Reading Mission, he has his first set of stickers and has got his next armful of books. He is really enjoying this book, whilst I made him also get this book out for my benefit.

Niamh Sharkey is one of my favourite illustrators. I love the richness of her pictures and the sheer imagination that goes into them - how I would dearly love an original of her work especially this picture

it is from her illustration for "Tales of Old Ireland" and is from "The Children of Lir" tale. This is probably my most favourite tale of all time although I can never read it without crying.

I sat down this afternoon to watch "The Trouble with Harry" which I haven't seen in years and it was on the newly free Film Four. I also thought I would take the opportunity to catch up with this knitting.

But my concentration was way too lax and I ended up unravelling all the rows I knitted - doh. This project has been hanging around for months now. I started it when the talk of heatwaves in the cold bleak weather of May made us all laugh. Though now I am now desperate to finish it but to do so I must improve my concentration.


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