Saturday, March 01, 2008


Now, I would love to tell you that I spent all of the last days, weeks and months (yes months!) since my last post tucked up in that bed hibernating.  And like all the buds and bulbs am waking to greet the spring. But it would be a lie.
I had meant to post so many times but just never got around to it and then I sort of fell out of the habit.  Work seriously got in the way - the increased hours, the lack of time, the Christmas panic followed by January sales all took up valuable space in my head and life and craft and blogging took a back seat.  Heck, who am I kidding they never even made it along for the journey let alone being in the back seat! No, they were the ones hibernating whilst I worked my butt off and came down with illness after illness. 
Then as the time goes by and you still haven't posted you sort of fall out of the habit. You think you'll write something tomorrow or the next day and then a week has gone by and then a month.  Then you realise that you have nothing really to say other than how tired you are or what happened at work that day or how poorly you are feeling and I didn't want to bore you with that.  No, that's what the husband is for! 

Well the 1st of March seemed like the perfect time to break that cycle and to try and start to get back with the programme!  I've been catching up with all your goings on thanks to my feeds on Bloglines and my oh my you have been a busy lot.  New arrivals, both human and animal varieties, have been welcomed; birthdays celebrated; homes moved out of and into, and of course lots and lots of crafting.  Next I had to think desperately hard to remember my login for Blogger not an easy feat and thank goodness it didn't lock me out after my numerous attempts.

So now I have started on my journey back to the blogging world, and I need to get down to some crafting but I'll let myself back in gently by browsing through the Spring issue of Marie Claire Idees.