Sunday, August 20, 2006

quilts and gifts ...

I made it to the Festival of Quilts on Friday - I really didn't think I would get to go and infact still wasn't sure on Friday morning but somehow I found myself on the 10:40 out of Euston.

Having never been to a quilt exhibition before, and certainly never one this big, I had no idea what to expect. I could have easily spent a lot longer there and a lot more money but I kept myself in check. I fell in love with several of the quilts and would love to put photos of them up here but am worried about infringing people's copyright so they will just sit on my computer offering inspiration.

I met a couple of other bloggers there Penny and Ferret which added a whole other dimension to the day - I suddenly felt like part of a club. I know there were a lot of other bloggers there too and it is quite funny to think I might have been standing right next someone whose blog I read and admire - but in the flesh wouldn't know them from Adam.

It was a really interesting day out and I feel inspired to at least think about entering something for next year.

Oh joy, joy, joy - the postman delivered my bookswap parcel on Saturday morning. Although he left it in the doorstep rather than ringing the bell so when I discovered it some little toe-rag had opened it up, but having piggled a corner and discovered a book I think he/she/it decided it was of no interest to them.

Look at this fantastic bunch of goodies

I haven't read either book but when they came out I knew I would like to and so now here is my opportunity. There was also a lovely book bag for my acquistions from the library or charity shop. A matching bookmark and this sweet little guy

My son claimed these for himself

Thank you so much Maxine - this was a wonderful box of surprises to receive on a very wet and bleak Saturday morning. I love it all.


Anonymous Max said...

So glad you enjoyed everything and it was in one piece! I have started reading the book you sent me and so far it has been so easy to get into that I know I am going to enjoy it. Thanks for taking part in the swap :)

August 21, 2006 3:27 pm  

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