Thursday, August 24, 2006

we have the technology ...

My son has been on at me to help him make a frog beanie so with the rain coming down in stair rods today seemed like a good day.

He made a drawing of the type of frog he wanted to create and we assembled the necessary fabric, stuffing, beans, eyes and created a paper pattern. He cut the pieces out and watched while I sewed them on the machine - he was going to do it but got worried after I gave him a safety talk. He then stuffed the legs and filled the body cavity with plastic beans. A lot of the beans scattered every which way - the hoover is going to make cruncking noises for weeks to come.

And here he is finished except for a mouth which needs to be stitched on. He also has no name ... yet.

Now the evening has come and with it little people's bed time, so of course the rain has stopped and the skies are cloudless and blue - I ask you where is the justice in that?


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