Sunday, January 14, 2007

B is also for ...

Books .... for which I have a passion, OK I guess it is really a fetish, I just can't help but accumulate them. It is such a pain that there are so many wonderful, gorgeous craft books out there and so many more being published. A pain, because it calls for some tough decisions and convoluted selection criteria when choosing which to purchase. Which is why I appreciate it when fellow bloggers offer up their thoughts on books they have.

Well, I thought it only fair to reciprocate and share my thoughts on book that was sent to me recently. "The Apron Book" by Ellyanne Geisel.

At first, I thought a book totally dedicated to the apron would be, shall we say, a little limited. I mean how much can you say about aprons, or pinnies as I grew up calling them. But I was sucked in from the very start when the writer of the introduction talked of the first apron she ever made - a yellow gingham one for a Brownie badge.

The first apron I ever made was also for my Brownie Needlework badge and it too was yellow gingham (small world -huh?). Mine was very simple with little red crosses embroidered along it's hemline and across the top of the little patch pocket. I had forgotten all about that apron. And that is what this book is brilliant at, it is dotted with the most fascinating stories and anecdotes of aprons in peoples lives. It is a completely fascinating social history.

But the best of all it comes with lots of instructions to make your own aprons as well as a full size pattern tucked into an envelope at the back of the book.

Sadly, I didn't get any book tokens this Christmas but if I had then these two books wouldn't be languising on my wishlist. But when my staff discount card comes through rest assured I will be getting them.

And I can't wait for Amy Karol's book to be published, although it will be a few months yet, and after reading so much about aprons I might just take part in her 'Tie one on'.


Anonymous Dacia said...

i've had my eye on that pattern book the last couple of times I went to the bookstore. It really is amazing! Thanks for the review.

January 15, 2007 7:07 am  
Anonymous Gail said...

I'm watching the Doris Day movie 'By the light of the silvery moon' on tv at the moment and I swear there have been about eight different examples of apron on there so far! Wonderful things, aren't they?h

January 16, 2007 2:48 pm  

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