Wednesday, January 31, 2007

how much is ...

I have been admiring Manda's gorgeous sock pups and felt encouraged to try the pattern in the Martha Stewart Holiday magazine. The same magazine I got the mice idea from.

The little doggy looking out the window is Scrufty - so named because, well he is. I made him from and old pair of cotton socks I had. The wear on them had made them nice and soft but it also meant that didn't hold their shape too well when stuffing. So he has some funny little lumps and bumps. It is also still chilly round here so he needed a scarf.

The other thing he needed was a play pal. So here is Betty.

She is made from a brand new pair of socks but let's face it she doesn't have a great deal of sartorial elegance and the elastane in her socks makes her feel slightly naf. Hence her name Betty - named after the wonderful Betty Suarez of 'Ugly Betty' fame. But just like her name sake she is very loyal and her heart is totally in the right place. And Scrufty loves her just the way she is.

Thank you also to everyone for all the lovely congratulations and comments - don't forget you have plenty of time still to leave a comment to be in the draw for the bag.


Anonymous Teresa Sheeley said...

These are just adorable. I found you through Posie's side bar links. Glad I stopped by.

February 01, 2007 3:15 am  
Anonymous Max said...

These are adorable I must check out the pattern! Emily had a little stuffed dog that she also called Scrufty!

February 01, 2007 9:52 am  
Anonymous Tami said...

This might sound sacralige but I don't get Martha's magazine. Could you tell me which issue these pups were in? I'd like to add some to our family.

February 01, 2007 2:00 pm  
Blogger Ali said...

Oh Caroline - they're just stuffed with personality! What a great pair.

February 01, 2007 6:29 pm  
Anonymous Lisa said...

Awww! they are both really cute. Bump and lumps are good - the 'other' kind of dogs have them too :)

February 01, 2007 7:12 pm  
Anonymous Di said...

They are gorgeous!!! I have that Martha magazine....mmmm...must go and look at it again!

February 01, 2007 7:37 pm  
Blogger rebecca said...

Very cute! I love the fact you have called her 'Betty'!!!

February 01, 2007 10:14 pm  
Blogger Mirre said...

What a cute couple!

February 01, 2007 10:44 pm  
Anonymous Simmy said...

Oh my goodness - they're adorable. I especillay like the first one you made. Just noticed that you're celebrating your 100th post - CONGRATULATIONS.

February 02, 2007 11:21 am  
Anonymous carolyn said...

So sweet, oddly enough I was looking at socks yesterday with a sock puppy in mind.

February 02, 2007 1:20 pm  
Blogger Poshyarns said...

Oh they are so cute, scrumptious. I've been toying with making a sock monkey but I like these much better, such lovely little faces.

February 02, 2007 3:55 pm  

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